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WWW.ACEPIXS.COM . . . . .  ....January 27 2006, New York City....Lots of domestic activity was going on at Sarah Jessica Parker's West Village home. First off Matthew Broderick brought son James home from his daytime activities in a stroller. Then Sarah Jessica Parker nipped out in her trademark blue hooded parker and Ugg boots for a quick styling session at the local hair salon. Whilst there she had a good read of various celebrity magazines.....Once her hair was suitably syled she walked home, changed into a casual but quite stylish outfit and brought son James out of the house to wait for a car. But alas the poor little mite just couldn't stop crying, despite mother's very best efforts. Our photographer said that James appeared to want his father. Eventually the car came and Sarah Jessica and James dissappeared on their way.....Please byline: JENNIFER L GONZELES - ACEPIXS.COM....Ace Pictures, Inc:  ..Philip Vaughan (212) 243-8787 or (646) 769 0430..e-mail: