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WWW.ACEPIXS.COM ** ** ** ....NEW YORK, JUNE 7, 2005....Johnny Knoxville, Kate Moss and Evan Dando leave their downtown hotel for lunch at Da Silvano. During their lunch, another agency's photographer approaches the table. Evan Dando then stands up and looks as though he has something hidden in a bag or maybe is trying to be menacing with the bag itself. As they leave, it appears as though Kate Moss has an argument with Evan Dando that causes her to cry. During this entire time Johnny Knoxville walks along beside the couple drinking from a glass bottle. Still continuing to drink from his bottle, Johnny Knoxville sits in the back of their cab while Evan Dando rides in the center and Kate Moss talks on her Moto Razr. The trio then return to their downtown hotel.....Please byline: Philip Vaughan -- ACE PICTURES... *** ***  ..Ace Pictures, Inc:  ..Craig Ashby (212) 243-8787..e-mail: