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On June 30, 1966 IRV GORDON was in a neighborhood Volvo dealership purchasing a cherry red Volvo P1800. After buying the Volvo, the Long Island native drove the car for the same reasons most people do: to drive back and forth to work (a 125-mile daily roundtrip to his job as a science teacher), for fun and for everyday activities. His long commute and his passion for driving caused him to log his first 250,000 miles in less than five years. The engine never failed and the car never required extensive repairs. Gordon lived two blocks from the ocean and drove through salt and snow each winter, but the body never rusted. So he kept driving his car.....Gordon hit 500,000 miles in the late '70s. He celebrated his one-millionth mile in 1987, driving a loop around the Tavern on the Green in New York's Central Park. He retired nine years later and took a part-time job for five years as quality control technician and service writer at a Volvo dealership. With more time on his hands, he made driving his pastime.....Gordon would drive to Cincinnati for coffee, to Denver for lunch, or to Montreal for dinner.He'd drive to Volvo dealerships and car clubs to meet other Volvo lovers. He drove to Mexico, Holland, Germany. While in Sweden, he drove to Volvo's headquarters to see where his P1800 was born.....More than 35 years after Gordon took keys, the car has the same engine, same radio, same axles, same transmission, and of course, the same driver. Today, Gordon reached a milestone no other individual has accomplished in the more than 100 years of the automobile history: driving 2 million miles in the same vehicle.....Please byline: VOLVO/NY Photo Press.   ..*PAY-PER-USE*      ....NY Photo Press: (646) 267-6913;   ..e-mail: