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MARY-KATE OLSEN AND ASHLEY OLSEN BEGIN THEIR FRESHMAN 2004 YEAR AT NYU THIS FALL!....New York University (NYU) is not your typical campus -- it is fused into, and is inseparable from New York City. Surrounded by numerous boutiques and restaurants, NYU is trully a heaven for freshmen who like to shop and dine out! Just across Broadway from NYU buildings, there are Tower Records, French Connection, Le Chateau, Dome Boutique, American Apparel, Canal Jean Co., McDonald's, DoJo Restaurant, Cafe University. Just two blocks away on West 8th Street, threre are shoe, tattoo and piersing heavens. The neighborhood is a home to such stars as BRITNEY SPEARS and MACAULAY CULKIN.....Please byline: BRIAN FLANNERY--ACEPIXS.COM   ..  *** ***..Ace Pictures, Inc: Alecsey Boldeskul (646) 267-6913 ..Philip Vaughan (646) 769-0430..e-mail: