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Bob Guccioni Jr. (Guccione) helps PETA to launch a bare-all summer campaign "Go Vegetarian" at Suite 16 night club in New York. June 11, 2002. PETA, an organization which protects animals, will feature shapely vegetarian Traci Bingham in the ad striking a provocative pose that mimics a butcher's diagram and highlights various cuts of meat on her body along with the slogan, "All Animals Have the Same Parts--Have a Heart, Go Vegetarian." The ad debuts in the July issue of Gear magazine. The event is co-sponsored by PETA, Beefeater and Gear Magazine. Please byline: Alecsey Boldeskul/NY Photo Press.   ..*PAY-PER-USE*      ....NY Photo Press: (646) 267-6913;   ..e-mail: