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Capt. Scott Shields (Emergency Management Director for Marine Safety Service) pictured with his pooch Bear. ....Bear, who is 12-year-old golden retriever, is one of the top Ground Zero search-and-rescue dogs and The Guinness Book of Records' "the most celebrated dog in the world." Bear worked tirelessly for months at the World Trade Center site suffering cuts, bruises and smoke inhalation, which led to his worsened health conditon. Bear has been treated for skin cancer, prostatitis, nerve damage, arthritis, which resulted in $3000 in veterinary bills. Although, Bear and all other WTC search-and-rescue dogs, have had free policies from Veterinary Pet Insurance of Anaheim, Calif., the insurer refuses to cover the dog's medical bills insisting that Bear does not meet the requirements. The insurer insists that it had the perfect right to deny coverage, saying Bear's woes were "pre-existing conditions" and "old age disabilities." Scott Shields, however, says that Bear had never been sick a day in his life until the 9/11 tragedy. July 2002. Please byline: Alecsey Boldeskul/NY Photo Press.   ..*PAY-PER-USE*      ....NY Photo Press: (646) 267-6913;   ..e-mail: