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New York, December 4, 2004: Lindsay Lohan went to Cipriani Restaurant on West Broadway for a dinner. It was very early dinner and she dined with Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs and companions. They sat in the back of the restaurant. Lohan was using black Mersedes S500 number plate 18650 LA, and P. Diddy arrived in silver metallic armored Rolls-Royce number plate CPM7270. We took a quick pick inside P. Diddy's car and noticed Louis Vuitton bag and a little puffy dog on the back sit. P. Diddy was friendly and signed some autographs as he exited restaurant. Please byline: Boldeskul/Bocklet/ ACE PICTURES.   .. *** ***  ..Ace Pictures, Inc  ** ..Alecsey Boldeskul (646) 267-6913 **..Philip Vaughan (646) 769-0430 **..e-mail: