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WWW.ACEPIXS.COM ************....October 20 2012, New york City......Political activist Naomi Wolf was arrested outside the Huffington’s Post 100 Gamechangers event in lower Manhattan, Naomi had been invited to the event as a writer but later after the event ended decided to march with the OWS protesters who had amassed out side of the venue. Naomi decided to taunt the police by crossing the street and protesting in front of the doors of the venue, when asked by the police to rejoin the protesters that had gathered on the other side of the street Naomi refused and after being warned of inpending arrest continued to taunt the officer in charge, resulting in her arrest on October 20 2012 in New York City....Please byline: CURTIS MEANS - ACE PICTURES.. *** ***  ..Ace Pictures, Inc: (646) 769 0430..e-mail: