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Russian born tennis star is not giving up her career that easy. ....Anna Kournikova, who has withdrawn from the French Open , Wimbeldon and the U.S. Open earlier this year was seen going to the U.S. Open Player Registration Office in New York. ....Perhaps, Kournikova (21) would soon retire from the sport due to her chronic and inoperable back problem, which is centred on her strained lumbar spine. ....There's no need to worry about Kournikova's well being. While her tennis career has been plunging, Kournikova's endorsee career is skyrocketing. She has been living off the cheques that roll in from promotional appearances for such brands as Adidas, Omega Watches and Wonder Bra. Kournikova has even starred in music video with her current love interest Enrique Inglesias and also played a cameo role in the Jim Carrey comedy 'Me, Myself and Irene.' ....Recognised as one of the most glamorous female sportswomen of the century and the most downloaded woman on the Internet, Kournikova has also appeared in countless magazine pictorials, from People Magazine to FHM and Maxim. ....Maybe Kournikova is not fit to win the U.S. Open, but her outfit consisting of a white tank top, pink bra, miniskirt and pink high heels, which is more suitalble for a night club than  the  U.S. Open Registrar's Office, suggests that she will do her best in a bid to help the tournament attract massive male ..audience and, in turn, promote the women's game.....Kournikova was also seen wearing a wedding band on her right hand, which, according to Russian tradition, means that she is married... ....New York, August 20, 2003. Please byline: NY Photo Press.   ..*PAY-PER-USE*      ....NY Photo Press: (646) 267-6913;   ..e-mail: