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WWW.ACEPIXS.COM ** ** **EXCLUSIVE!!! FEE MUST BE NEGOTIATED BEFORE USE!!!....NEW YORK, APRIL 14, 2005....Anna Kournikova is seen entering her midtown hotel in what appears to be a periwinkle bathrobe, sneakers, a teal tank top and the must have Balenciaga bag. She takes a moment to pose for pictures with autograph hounds. She then enters the hotel and adds a pair of jeans, a hat and sunglasses to the outfit but still retains what looks to be a fuzzy bathrobe with fringe. She then heads to Park Avenue for a walk where she digs around in her Balenciaga bag for  her cell phone.....Please byline: IAN WINGFIELD - ACE PICTURES.. *** ***  ..Ace Pictures, Inc:  ..Craig Ashby (212) 243-8787..e-mail: