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*** EXCLUSIVE ***..Winona Ryder was spotted in New York City today. She emerged from lunch at celebrity hot-spot The Mercer Kitchen with an unidentified male companion carrying Marc Jacobs bags and, following a long and intimate fairwell, jumped into a cab back to her midtown apartment. From there she emerged with another unidentifed man and headed for the airport. As the car departed she slid across the back seat to cuddle up to the her friend.....Amusingly the top she was wearing in Soho incorportated a strange design that had a remarkable resembence to a surgical sling, not unlike the one she wore during her recent court appearance in LA following a tussle with paparazi when she broke her arm. The elbows appear to be heavily padded - perhaps an indication that her arm has not fully healed. July 8 2003, New York. Please byline: NY Photo Press.   ..*PAY-PER-USE*      ....NY Photo Press: (646) 267-6913;   ..e-mail: